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Coming Out Alive From A Desert

It’s a sad reality that deserts are considered by many to be an unlivable environment. Among the list of dangerous wilderness, popular media has put the desert on top. However, history shows us that deserts were once the cradles for human life and people flourished here. The first tip to surviving in the desert is knowing how to be one with its ecosystem. Apparently, you will do better if you’re prepared.

The first step in being prepared is wearing the right clothes. Unlike animals that move with four feet, humans only stand on two so we are only exposed to 60% of radiation from the sun. Wearing a hat that has a wide brim offers more shade and sun protection. The usual mistake of people going to deserts is wearing sleeveless tops and shorts. The ideal outfit when going to the dessert is loose pants and long sleeves as these permit air to circulate more and also protects you from the sun’s painful heat. Sunglasses help to shield your eyes and prevent cataracts. Being prepared also means proper vehicle maintenance, enough water supply, survival and first aid kit and knowing some useful survival skills.
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Avoiding Panic
Doing Help The Right Way

Most people die in emergencies because of panic. It blinds a person’s logic and causes him or her to worsen the situation, leading to fatal results. Controlling your anxiety is just a matter of directing yourself to calm down and operate in an organized way. Accept the situation and do not entertain any “what ifs.” Think about the options you may have and survey for whatever supply you may have nearby. After considering your options, form a plan that will protect your safety and health. Stick to your plan unless a situation requires you to change it. Your brain is your best toll against dying. You are using more of your mental capabilities rather than physical in any survival situation. This means you should keep control of your brain. An additional help is your will to survive. Survival shouldn’t be gender-biased.

A survival kit that’s compact enough to be carried is crucial.

Essentials of Desert Survival

Deserts really have a shortage on water supply. Learning how to ration your sweat is more important than controlling your water supply. You lessen the risk of dehydration when you avoid working under the scorching heat. Sipping water is not enough to hydrate your body, especially your brain, so it is better to drink when needed.

It may appear like it is illogical but fire is an essential aspect of desert survival. It can be used to cook, purify water and signal for help. A fire at night can also protect you from dangerous animals.

Aside from the heat, you also need to shelter against snow, hail, cold or even rain.