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Top Tips For Online T-Shirt Business Entrepreneurs

how-a-51-year-old-who-was-forced-out-of-his-job-by-cancer-used-a-t-shirt-startup-to-make-2-million-in-10-monthsThe physical outlets are the more trusted ones because a rational customer always trusts the products which he sees. The quality of the products being offered online might be reliable and worthy but it is very hard for the online business entrepreneurs so as to establish good will amongst the customers. It will not be wrong for us to mark that in a competitive market in terms of quality, quantity as well as price like today’s it is not a cakewalk to build a firmly going online T-shirt business.

There are a lot of companies which have stepped into this particular kind of online business and have created a strong customer base and a niche for themselves. If you have ideas but you are not getting proper ways of implementing them and are failing in order to put these ideas into a proper platform, this guide will prove to be very fruitful and a perfect opportunity for you to put your ideas into proper fields. Whenever you start your business, competition is something which you have to face every now and then. A proper mixture of quality, quantity as well as the fair price of the product will help you go through it nicely.

When you start a business are two things which you should keep in mind which are stated below:

  • How to go about the shipping and printing of your product?
  • What shall be the USP of your T-shirt?

There are certain things which you should keep in mind while creating your online business. The key to have a successfully running online business are as follows:


Selecting a proper niche is the first step. There should be something in your website which should be responsible for setting it class apart from its competitive websites. You should focus on a particular interest group of people and thus create a product according to their suitability and interest.


A representation of your ideas which should represent your thinking behind the creation of the website is a must. The created design should also connect with the focused public groups. You should have a design which is all the more unique and recognisable. There is a website with the name of Creative Market; this can help you to make unique templates for your own site. You can also hire a designer to create a design for your website.


Sustainability is something which is looked forward to by a lot of customers when it comes to the quality of clothes which they wear. Customers always look for a warranty and guarantee of quality in their clothes. By this, your website will slowly be transformed into a wide brand name. This is because of an existence of a strong relationship between the qualities of the product offered as well as the product brand.


It is necessary for people to visit your store, go through the products and further place an order for the same. The whole process requires the need of setting up an easy and a handy platform. The order placed by the customer will be followed by the customisation and the printing of the design on the ordered T-shirt.


If you make a website and the people do not know about it, it is of no use. The fresh start-ups can make good use of social media like Facebook, snap chat etc. to promote their product. Communities can also be joined for the promotion purpose. You can go through a lot of sections which teach marketing and sales which will help you master this field.


You are now aware of the steps of a firmly running online business. You need to stay focused and motivated to carry out the transactions as well as keep the work going.


What It Takes to Build an Online Business

I am going to be sharing with you a few of the most important concepts in order to successfully build an online business, or any other business for that matter. These concepts revolve around the ability to keep on succeeding in an online business. Let’s see if you have what it takes to build an online business.

The first concept is Perspective. I can say that this is a much underrated concept. The Perspective you take or the way you see something, will determine the outcome of that situation. For instance, you follow through with an online marketing campaign expecting to make x amount that week. You see minimal to no results. How do you view this? “I’m not good enough, this is not for me” or “Let’s try to do x and y instead”. Which do you think will bring you further to success? So when you are faced with confusion or challenge with internet marketing, choose to view it the right way and you will skyrocket your way to success.

Second concept is Passion. Your ability to achieve anything in life will be tenfold if you’re passionate about it. Why do you do what you do anyway? Is it mainly because you want to earn money or because you’re passionate about it? One of the greatest benefits to build an online business, is that it can revolve around anything that you’re passionate about. Do you have an interest in Health and Fitness? Start creating blogs about it, engage in social media and begin helping people that seek help. Building a business around your passion will certainly not feel like a business. You will enjoy it, and the money will come tenfold.

The next concept I consider is the most important out of all. The concept is Commitment. It’s impossible for someone not to achieve something if they put their all into it. They will do whatever it takes to achieve it. They will keep failing over and over again until they start succeeding. So if that means that you have to be on your laptop 12 hours a day marketing and writing content, so be it. Just know that things will start to click and make sense, as long as you are dedicated and committed.

The final concept I will be sharing with you is actually a sharing concept! Receiving guidance and training is an absolute must when it comes to online businesses. Sure, you can still do everything on your own without the guidance from mentors or tutors, but your results will be minimal. It is important that you find mentors that resemble what you want and believe in. Mentors that will help you on your journey, providing you with whatever that may be to help you succeed. Services, support, motivation, friendliness etc.

Remember, while you’re on your journey to build an online business, you will be faced with negative perspectives that hold you back, so change them. You will deal with tasks that require hard work, so be passionate about what you choose to work on. You will struggle to put time into your work when you’re favorite television series is on, just forget about the series. You will not be able to do everything on your own, so find yourself some good teachers to support you through this journey.


How to Launch Your Business Online

Having an Online Business is essential in order to expand Geographically and gain a Competitive Advantage. Whether you have an existing business or just starting a brand new one, I will be discussing what you should be doing to Leverage your Online Business.


Purchasing a domain and launching a website is the first stage when starting your online expedition. Your will start to generate traffic to your website so that you can build your business brand. You should consider finding professional themes and plugins that will enhance the functionality of your website. You should also create a landing page to gain Leads or email subscribers that you can follow up on.


Targeting your audience or niche is going to be the most important aspect to apply in order to actually make sales. You need to find out who are your audience, what do they want, what search queries they make, where do they hang out online, how do they think and why would they purchase from your business.

“If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody”.

Learning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also crucial when trying to rank for a higher place on the search engines. You will need to understand what kind of keywords your audience are searching for, and if there is a lot of competition for that particular keyword used. As a small to medium sized business you may want to be using Long Tail Keywords. These keywords have a longer chain of words so that there is less competition when ranking on search engines.


Social Media Marketing is where you engage in social media to leverage your marketing power. People are constantly on social media where they communicate and have discussions. Developing your presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will allow you to engage with communities. You are essentially building the authenticity and trust of your business. People will start to take notice of and respect what you are doing in the market place. Not to mention there are so many great opportunities on social media that will take you by surprise.

So now you know the key concepts of launching your business online. The first concept is launching a professional website. The second concept is to make sure you understand who you market is so you are targeting the right people. Lastly the third concept is engaging in social media to leverage your marketing power. And these are the fundamentals on how to launch your business online.


How to Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur

“All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point. – Eric Thomas.”

An Online Entrepreneur is an individual that builds an online business with the Intent of earning an online income, while living life on their own terms. This means that they create the type of business that they want and they create their working hours and working location.

Online businesses are very different to traditional businesses. The first difference is that you don’t have to own products in order to make money. You can promote external business products and services as an affiliate and make commissions. This is otherwise known as Affiliate Marketing.

An online business is also partly an automated business, which means that once you have set up the backend of your system, you don’t need to be constantly trying to make money. Website links to sales pages are automated, emails are automated and social media profiles are set up. You will however be investing a lot of your time into marketing and producing quality content.

Building a successful online business is not easy. A Successful Online Entrepreneur knows that it takes a lot of Commitment and Persistence in order to succeed. You are going to have to learn the trick of the trades when it comes to earning income streams from the use of the internet. You are going to have to invest a lot of your time into learning and applying marketing strategies so that you can start to actually see money rolling into your bank account.

The good thing about becoming an Online Entrepreneur is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money in the beginning to start earning. This is because there isn’t the usual capital that is involved in traditional businesses such as raw materials, labour and land. Of course, the more money you invest into your online business, you are going to see a greater and faster return on the investment.

You may be thinking that becoming an Online Entrepreneur involves a lot of hard work and time to be put in. You are absolutely right. To create a successful online business is only possible if you put everything you have into it and you will do whatever it takes to achieve success.

But why is it worth it to go through all this hard work you may ask? Because of the level of Freedom and Flexibility that is possible. You can build your business around anything that inspires you. You can have the flexibility to choose your own working hours, and you can have the freedom to choose where you want to work. (This is includes anywhere in the world, as long as you bring along your laptop and have an internet connection).

To finish up, you now know that it is going to take a lot of time and effort to become a successful online entrepreneur. You now also understand that an online business differs from an offline business in that it is set up to be automated and you are able to promote and sell other business products as well as your own. And finally you understand the level of freedom and flexibility possible as an online entrepreneur.